Registration, Licensing & Admin Services

A Free Zone geared towards fast-cycle logistics and aviation industries, it works closely with government agencies and authorities to streamline start-up procedures, simplify operational requirements and foster a business-friendly environment for entrepreneurs and businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

Download Passes, Planning, Permission and Regulation Forms:

Policies, Rules & Regulations

  1. Free Zone Administration Rules & Regulations
  2. Cargo Movement Through DLC Bonded Gates Policy & Procedure
  3. List Of Charges (Updated 2014)

Registration & License Application Forms

  1. Registration & Licensing Application (Dubai World Central LLC) → [Required Documents]
  2. Registration & Licensing Application (Branch) → [Required Documents]
  3. Authorization Card
  4. Company Contact Information/Update
  5. License Activities

Admin Services Application Forms

  1. Application For Visit Visa
  2. Entry Permit For Employment[User Guide] (View Job Directory List)
  3. Employee Residence Permit Renewal[User Guide]
  4. Dependent Entry Permit
  5. Dependent Residence Permit Renewal
  6. House Maid Entry Permit
  7. House Maid Permit Renewal
  8. Entry Permit / Residence Permit Cancellation
  9. Request For Absconder Service
  10. Request For Withdrawal Of Absconder Notification
  11. Salary Certificate / Service Letter
  12. Light Vehicle Registration
  13. Commercial Vehicle Registration

Access Passes Form

  1. Work Permit Application
  2. Contractor Pass Application
  3. Frequent Visitor Pass Application


  1. Articles of Association
  2. Memorandum of Association

Free Zone FAQ