Utilities & Infrastructure

The Utilities and Infrastructure Department is the developments control authority that manages the assets of Dubai World Central. UIM has 3 distinct functions serving the DWC community:

Utilities Management

We manage the District Cooling Plants of DWC and the Main electrical substations along with its standby gas turbine generators. If you are a residential city development, your building is regulated to subscribe to DWC district cooling system for your chilled water needs for air-conditioning. You will find a published list of guidelines and regulations for compliance of the chilled water connections to the buildings as well as applicable fees for connection of the chilled water to the building and tariff for its consumption. We invoice the customers as subscribers to this utility and ensure with DWC accounts for collection of the charges. Also interacting with Dubai Electricity & Water Authority to facilitate providing electricity to DWC customers, we ensure that all your needs will be covered.

Infrastructure Management

Our division manages the maintenance and operation of all the roads that are developed by DWC, its street lights, landscaping, water features, sewage treatment plant and all its underground services that include the storm water drainage, fire water/irrigation water network, sewage network, as well as the storm water pumping stations, reservoirs and the sewage treatment plant. Businesses and the resident community can find annually published costs incurred towards these activities. Our team declares a unit rate to be charged to the businesses and resident community to recover these costs as community services charges on prorate basis of the plot/land or built up area as applicable. We also deal with the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority to facilitate providing water to DWC customers.

Planning, Zoning & QHSE Management

We are the division responsible for developing the land and preparing the plots parceling for lease or sale. All tenants, businesses and owners of lands occupying and operating from their facilities in DWC can contact our team to receive assistance. Clients can find a set of published guidelines for construction; office fit outs; modifications of the premises and guidelines of operations in the premises. We also issue affection plans of leased/sold plots and demarcate them for legal registration with the Dubai Lands Department. Please click here to contact us directly for a list of fees for all the above-mentioned services.


  1. Dubai World Central Free Zone – Planning & Permission Fees

IMS Forms

  1. Affection Plan Request
  2. Site Services Information Request
  3. Soil Investigation Request
  4. Preliminary Design Review Request
  5. Final Design Review Request
  6. Building Permit Request
  7. Enabling Works Permit Request
  8. Land Demarcation Request
  9. Mobilization Permit Request
  10. Structural Inspection Request
  11. Structural Inspection Log
  12. Building Completion Certificate Request
  13. Zoning Exception Request
  14. Design Revision Review Request
  15. Consultant Contractor Change Application
  16. Consultant Contractor Registration Form
  17. Operation Fitness Certificate Request
  18. General Inspections
  19. Signboard Approval Request
  20. Project Cancellation Request

Regulations & Guidelines

  1. Aviation District Planning Regulations & Development Guidelines
  2. Aviation District MROs & FBOs Planning Regulations & Development Guidelines
  3. Logistics District Dangerous Goods Guidelines
  4. Logistics District Planning Regulations & Development Guidelines
  5. Residential District Planning Regulations & Development Guidelines
  6. Dubai Municipality Code of Practice for the Management of Dangerous Goods
  7. Dubai World Central Infrastructure & Facilities Management Business Processes Definitions
  8. Dubai World Central Guidelines For The Operation Of Concrete Batching Plants