Utilities & Infrastructure

Utilities Infrastructure Management (UIM) manages the utilities, infrastructure and superstructure assets of DWC. It performs distinct roles that allow DWC to function as an independent city. It oversees the construction of infrastructure, buildings and amenities as the master developer, as well as the construction and operations of facilities by the investors in DWC. UIM manages all the fire safety aspects of the city, including the airport, in coordination with the relevant agencies.

UIM has three distinct functions that incur costs in its operation and generate revenue, as follows:

Utilities Infrastructure Management

This unit operates the District Cooling Business at DWC and manages the main electrical substations along with its standby gas turbine generators.

A key function of this unit is to develop guidelines, define regulations and ensure compliance related to the supply of chilled water to all buildings. This includes reviewing design drawings, supervising connections and calibrating meters. The unit is responsible for publishing applicable fees, as well as invoicing and collection of bills from customers.

Another important function of this unit is to operate and maintain power supply to the airport, including the maintenance of standby power generation. It records consumption and bills the airport operator for accordingly, including a markup for providing the value-added service.

Infrastructure Management

The Dubai Municipality and the Roads and Transport Authority manage the maintenance and operation of all roadways at DWC. The entities are responsible for the upkeep of roads, street lights, landscaping, water features and all underground services such as storm water drainage and pumping stations, fire water, irrigation water network, sewage network, reservoirs and sewage treatment plants.

UIM annually publishes costs incurred towards such activities and determines the unit rate chargeable to the business and resident community on a prorate basis of the plot/land or built-up area, as applicable.

Sewage network and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) operations: UIM regulates the sewage connections of all customer facilities to the network. It operates the STP to produce effluent water that feeds the fire water network at DWC.

UIM also manages the fibre-optic cable network that supports the IT & T services, as well as the radio network of DWC.

Assets Management and Business Support

UIM being the main engineering arm of DWC, it receives assets built by DA EP as end user, maintains a data base of all the assets and manages its life cycle. It maintains a centralized maintenance management system (CMMS). Maintains all as built information and records of the assets transferred for drawings, O & M (operation & maintenance) manuals and the underground services mapped into the GIS (geographical information system). It develops and manages SLA’s with DuServe FM which provides all Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing maintenance services to the buildings owned by DWC on commercial outsourcing basis. It hands over rental spaces to DWC customers and takes over from them on vacating the facilities. It ensure the lease product remains intact in the process.


  1. Coordinating the Fire Safety requirements of DWC and its customer with Dubai Civil Defense for city related developments and with Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting for airport related developments in the General Aviation areas.
    It establishes processes and procedures for the customers obtaining relevant NOCs from Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), Dubai Municipality (DM) for Environmental Control, Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) for fire safety and Dubai Civil Aviation Authority for obstacle limitation Surfaces. It establishes MoUs of all mentioned Dubai government departments here for mutual cooperation, integration of data and services. It establishes MoUs and procedures with Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Police for DWC roads interface to Dubai Roads, their operations and fining of defaulters.
  2. Develops operational manuals for regulating the businesses operations in DWC for Quality and adhering to their business activities. It maintains IMS certification for ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001.
  3. Supports commercial team in product development, resulting master planning, determining the operation and maintenance and it associated costs. Establishing service charge and help determine mode of levying the charge in the product offering.
  4. Supports the commercial team in attending important meeting with the customers in product offering and other innovative solutions.
  5. Supports the commercial team in getting customer feedbacks as part of the various services offering to the end users.
  6. Supports DuServe FM team in managing their external contracts in terms of providing subject expertise, CFMMS system use and business promotion with the DWC user community.